Supervision – a Status

After finalizing exams for the spring semester, I was looking over my records on supervision. Over the years, I’ve kept a simple log of each project I’ve supervised, dating back to my return to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Aarhus (AU) in 2002. Since then, I’ve also been at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and currently, I’m at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). All these years (22), I’ve been supervising students mostly doing their MSc Thesis, but also BSc theses.

It turns out that by now I’ve been supervising 79 students in total, 14 at AU, 21 at ITU, and 44 at DTU. The plot below shows this count and also shows the type of thesis; MSc, BSc, or BEng (the latter being the “Diplomingeniør” in Danish). As can be seen, the majority of the projects have been MSc Theses (in Danish “Kandidatspeciale”).

Looking at the timing, the plot below shows supervision over the years. There are no clear patterns, and supervision has differed over the years. One can, however, clearly see that I was on leave from ITU during 2011-13 to be the interim CEO of Cetrea. It also seems like I’m a more experienced supervisor now, and can handle more students at the same time.

I’ve also kept track of grading, when possible (mainly at DTU and ITU). The distribution (on the Danish 7-point grading scale) is shown in the plot below. “N” are non-available grades. In general, it’s good to see that my student seems to do fine (grades 10-12).