Personal Health Technology – Opportunities & Challenges

Today I gave a talk at the Danish IT organisation called “Dansk IT“, which is a professional organisation for IT professionals in Denmark.

At the meeting, the 2019 award as the most passionate (“Ildsjæl”) in Danish IT was given to my old boss and friend Mads Tofte for his work on bringing IT to Denmark by building the IT University of Copenhagen. Well deserved!

I also gave a talk on “Personal Health Technology – Opportunities & Challenges” and the slides are available for download at the right. The talk mainly addressed the need and opportunities for building “personalised health technology” according to the

Monitor – Predict – Intervene

model. A core example in my talk was related to the MONARCA project, which actually started at the IT University of Copenhagen. There were a lot of very good questions from the audience, mainly related to IT security and protection of (private) data. I should have anticipated this – after all, this was a group of IT managers from private and public IT departments. Next time, I should add slides on how we handle this – because, rest assure, we do handle this!