UBISS 2018

I was part of organizing the 9th International UBI PhD Summer School 2018 (UBISS 2018) in Oulu, Finland, June 4-9, 2018.

I was running Workshop B on Wearable and Mobile Health and Behaviour Tracking together with Denzil Ferreira.  This was a super nice experience and I enjoyed spending a week diving into technical details on sensing frameworks for mobile sensing, especially the AWARE Framework done by Denzil (while I did tell him that I did the original AWARE Architecture back in 2004 😉 ). Also, getting to know Timo Ojala (or “Timppa” ??) was really a pleasure.

I gave an overall talk at the opening session explaining what our workshop on mobile sensing was to be about. This talk can be seen here:

People have been asking for copies of the lecture slides, and they are attached below. The full set of slides from both Denzil and me is also available here.

TALK I – Mobile Sensing & Personal Health Technology

In this talk, I give an introduction to Mobile Sensing and Personal Health Technology, including architecture, design space, and provide examples. The I dive into a specific case study on Mental Health, both in terms of sensing and intervention. Finally different technical frameworks and references are provided.

TALK II – Introduction to Open mHealth

In this talk I give an introduction to the Open mHealth initiative.