Open PhD position

Applications are sought from candidates interested in pursuing a PhD focused on the design of new technologies to support mental health interventions for young people.

Application deadline: 1st April 2018
Location: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The programme of research in which the PhD candidate will engage forms part of the TEAM (Technology-Enabled Mental Health for Young People) ITN programme. TEAM is funded by the European Commission through its Marie Sklowdowska Curie programme. The TEAM network funds 15 PhD studentships in all, and the candidate will be part of this exclusive training program.

Benefits: The successful candidates will receive a gross annual salary of approximately €32,000. They will also be entitled to a mobility allowance of approximately €6,000 per annum and potentially a family allowance where appropriate. The duration of the contract will be 3 years as a fully funded PhD.

The present position at DTU is focused on “Open-Access Data Platform for Behavioural Monitoring and Visual Analytics for Mental Health“.  We are seeking excellent and ambitious candidates with a background in computer science or software engineering.

Informal enquiries about these positions may be made to Dr. Jakob E. Bardram,

Please follow the link below for further details of the project and details of how to apply.

Giving a talk at the new Center for Digital Health @ Lancaster University

I was visting my old friend and phd student Steven Houben the other day who invited me to connect up with the Ubicomp crew at Lancaster University — and in particular to meet Sumi Helal, who is now appointed Chair in Digital Health.

While being there, I gave a talk. The title, abstract, and slides are available here.

Title: Personal Health Technology — Opportunities and Examples

Abstract: In this talk I will provide an overview of the research done at the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET). I will provide the background of this research, define what we mean by personal health technology and how this related to other types of health technology, and come with concrete examples from our different research projects. In particular, I will use my own research into the use of smartphones in the monitoring and treatment of mental health, as an example.


Keep surfing! My new website is online…

I finally managed to move content from my old ITU homepage to this new WordPress-based homepage. I’m not sure I will add a lot of blogs or news here – after all, I don’t think people will read it anyway. But it may work as place for putting information on my research, in particular the projects that I am – and have been – involved in, as well as the technology I’ve been part of designing, implementing, and evaluating over the years. This is of course my version of the research done; on these pages I will focus on my work and contribution within the overall projects.

I will also provide information on my teaching, especially provide guidance on how to do a (successful) MSc. Thesis with me at DTU Compute.